Sharepeeps is a professional and specialized company that focuses on resource optimization, waste of resources, circular economy and CSR.

We offer professional and strategic advice within CSR
(Corporate Social Responsibility)

We work on the 17 SDG´s

Sharepeeps is founded in 2016, and was acquired by the current owner and CEO of the company, Danny Pausen 37.


After the acquisition (ed. January 18), the new owner quickly chose to develop, and redesign the entire concept so that it reflects the market around the green transition and the needs of the users.

Also, a professional backend system has since been developed for the benefit of the entire public and private sector.

Sharepeeps Worldwide

We have No limits.

Sharepeeps has with it's passion, will and it's green mind , made the concept and the app available to the barely
42 billion billion smartphones worldwide.


It also means that our communities are not limited by national borders, but the many benefits of the sharing economy can be used worldwide - Just ask us if your country or community need a green community.

We are a part of a huge green network

After our re-design and the professional backend system for the entire business market, we have, among other things, been represented on a large number of "Green Events" all over the country.

These include Green Day in Viborg Municipality, TechBBQ, GreenDay, GTC, SustianPlan, Cirq conferences etc.

Sharepeeps was also selected from 50 companies out of +800 to participate in (Green Tech Challenge) which is associated with Microsoft, KPMG, Copenhagen EU Office, the Social Capital Fund, Innovation center Denmark etc.

Do you want te be a part of our network?

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